Thursday, 13 November 2008


CU BASS is the one and only bioanth student society in Cambridge!!
It aims to provide anyone interested in bioanth with an exciting perspective on - and the opportunity to tackle better the subject..... there is a series of amazing projects and ideas ready for Lent and Easter term. Off top of my head: 

- a series of talks inviting both guest speakers and phd students to talk about their research and interests;

- a trip to the Natural History Museum;

- student run seminars in Easter Term, to share ideas and knowledge before exams... because chatting you learn more!!;

- The Journal of Absolutely Absurd Anthropology: an alternative scientific journal in which to put all the crazy ideas that hit your mind during lectures (i.e. did  Neanderthals go extinct because AMH just knew better how to party?! or have you heard of Homo Byciclettis? a fantastic hominin with wheels found around Cambridge...);

- the best and craziest socials the Bridge has ever seen!

- fund rising for a possible trip to Olduvai Gorge.. 

..... any many others!!!

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